7/15/2008 – Building Ben’s Strength Back Up

   I have the ability to make updates on the Green Drakkoman site again. I am listing thissite to use as a back up – https://greendrakkoman.wordpress.com I am going to start putting updates both here and there. In case anything happens again.


  Ben is doing well. He is still weak and his potassium and albumenim are low. We have to get him to eat more protein. He is walking some, but, tires quickly so we have a wheelchair for him. He will be having CT scans of his innards done on Friday. It is great to be home and I know many of you really felt cutoff because of the web site outage. It is surprising how much we come to depend on todays communication methods. As soon as his strength is back he will be getting another round of chemotherapy – the ifosfomide. Ben had to have his port accessed today so they could draw blood. He was very upset and cried a little. Then he looked up and said, “I’m ok, I was just a little terrorized because I thought I wasn’t going to have to be accessed.


   This weekend the Price Chopper in Latham on Rt 9 is having a Green Drakkoman Celebration. I will give you all more details tomorrow. I think the times are from 1-4pm and they will be selling Green Drakkoman bracelets, ice cream and there will be specials on green items in the store.


   Ben and James are counting down to their birthday. I am not sure what they are expecting because we really haven’t planned much. We have a few ideas that we are hoping to finalize this weekend.


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