Ben’s Getting Sronger Every Day


Ben is getting stronger everyday. He and James have been getting each other to laugh quite a bit today. We took the boys to see “Space Chimps” today. I am not sure if the marinol is making him laugh more easily and deeply or if he is just having a great time as he is starting to feel better. He is in a very different place that he was in last week.


  When we arrived home from the movies Aiva had returned with her family from a week long vacation. Ben was disappointed that he didn’t get to see her when he came home from San Diego and the hospital, but, glad she was off having fun. He saw their car in the driveway and immediately wanted to go to the house and say hi. When she and the boys saw each other they were very happy.


  Yesterday a group of 6 counselors from Double H came to see Ben and James. They had a great time. If Ben couldn’t make it to the camp they decided to bring the camp to him. It was absolutely magical to see them focus on the boys. Ben was definitely the cener of attention, but, they kept James an integral part of the visit. They brought arts and crafts projects and worked on them with the boys. After they finished the projects an impromptue body painting session took place. Ben also took the opportunity to present them with Green Drakkoman pins. Before they left the held a bear hug sessions and gave the boys each a bear that they had filled with love and hugs. I am creating a new album on picasaweb with the pictures –  I am also uploading the pictures from the med flight to the MakeAWish Trip album. My goal tomorrow is to start writing and uploading more of our adventures that didn’t make it to the sites yet.


  The big event tomorrow is to go to the Price Chopper on Rt 9 in Latham for a Ben and the Green Drakkoman fundraising event. Ben wants to go for as much of it as he can. It starts at Noon and goes until 4 pm. They will be having Balloons, Bracelets, Pins. They are also having an Ice Cream Sundae making contest and will be selling green items. It really sounds like it is going to be fun. We look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow. We will be heading over right after church.


  As I am writing this it is 7:18 on 7/18. I just thought that was kind of cool. Ben is doing really well. He had a CT scan this morning of everything from head to hips. He is still having some issues with eating and his Gastrointestinal track. His tummy is distended, but, it has gone down some. The doctors asked him if he was in pain. His bowls are really bloated. He is well hydrated and his blood counts are good. His potassium is a low and his blood pressure is high. We have him on potassium tablets and he is starting on a blood pressure medicine. He is also still on 2 antibiotics to treat the bacterial stuff happening in his gut and make sure his sinusses stay ok. His strength is coming back slowly and we are pushing him to walk and in his wheelchair. I actually sat in the chair today at the hospital and made him push me 20 feet. It was good exercise for him.


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