Ben’s Journey on this Earth is Complete

   Ben’s passing was beautiful and loving. It was not easy and I assure you that there were a great number of tears.  We will be having calling hours on Thursday at Bowen & Parker Brothers funeral home in Latham from 3-7 PM. Ben’s funeral will be held at Calvary United Methodist Church in Latham at 10 AM on Friday. Throughout this entire journey Ben’s friends and the children of our extended community have embraced us in so many ways. Every child that interacted with Ben throughout this did so with love and kindness. Please affirm this with them. He knew they were his friends and he wouldn’t want them to feel bad for any reason. We know that Ben’s passing may be very hard, confusing or just tough for them. We also know that for some kids it may be easier than for most adults because they have a simple faith and understanding of the world. Please take this opportunity to embrace your children and let them grieve in a way that works for them. No question is inappropriate. No statement is wrong. We have been told that children grieve in pieces and they often swallow the hard news in small bites. If you are concerned that your child is having a tough time please reach out to their school or religious leader. If your child wishes to come to the funeral home or to the service they are welcome. All are welcome, but, if you are not here for any reason please take a moment on Friday to “Focus on the positive” with your loved ones and know that Ben loves you and is at peace. We have asked that the funeral be child friendly and celebratory.  I am sure their will be adults crying as their children say, “Stop that. You are embarrassing me.” We are also hoping to see very few ties and fancy dresses. Please be comfortable and wear something that makes you think of Ben or feel good about yourselves.

            During the calling hours at the funeral home Ben’s casket will be open. There are several smaller rooms that will be available for the children to be in if they decide or feel uncomfortable. The funeral home spaces meet James’ approval. If your child, or any one for that matter, wishes to write a note, make a drawing, bring a picture, memento or make something to celebrate Ben and their/or their friendship they are welcome to do it. We are open to celebrating Ben’s life through the eyes of a child so please share with us any ideas your children have. I have decided to place a single Lego Mini-figure in Ben’s casket along with a David Ortiz baseball card. Funerals are not really for the person who has completed their journey. They are for the healing of those who must still continue living life. If there is anything Ben has taught us it is that each of us is precious and that life itself needs to be celebrated as much as possible between the times of struggle. The community at large came together to support Ben and our family in unimaginable ways and now we ask you to come together to support each other with just as much effort. We will be asking for your help again in the future as we move forward with the Green Drakkoman Foundation. For now please know that Ben loved you all and he is in a place where there are no children fighting for their lives – a place of celebration and light. He is in the arms of the angels and wishes all of us peace.


11 responses to “Ben’s Journey on this Earth is Complete

  1. maureen geracitano (Aiva's grannie)

    Tim, Stacy and family….Tim writes so beautifully, and almost makes you feel like you are there for every moment… But please let me tell you as much as you encourage all of us “Ben Fans” to celebrate his life. I gottat tell ya…it has been a celebration for sure..AND tears have poured out of my eyes and my husbands…but we have never felt so honored to have been a part of something so special. Maureen Geracitano

  2. Words cannot express how blessed I am to have had my path cross with yours, the Stowell Family. You have given me and so many others a special gift that will forever be cherished. My love to you all. A sincere thank you from my heart to yours.
    With much love,
    Mrs. Connors

  3. eileen satterlee

    Your concern and compassion for others continues to amaze me. I should be used to it by now but your empathy is unending. Thank you for teaching us all how to care for each other at the hardest time of your life. Thank you for sharing your family with me and reminding me through your words and actions what is truly important in life – love, connection to others. I am honored to have been a small part of Ben’s life and to continue to be a part of your family. You are all in my heart, and in my thoughts and prayers.

    Eileen Satterlee

  4. Tim,
    your ways never seem to amaze us. you think of everyone before yourself. I know now where your boys get their unselfisness from it come from you and stacey. How lucky your children are to have someone in their lives to show them the true meaning of blessed our family is to have your entire family in our lives. our lives have been chaged forever because of your family. thank you for allowing us to become a part of your family.YOU have aspecial way with words that can make all things better

  5. To my special friends Stacey, Tim and James. Thank you so much for including my entire family in yours. I consider it an honor to be part of such a loving and caring group. Ben and James brought us together when they were babies and now James will continue to be a part of our special times. I’m sure we will have more ADVENTURES together and Ben’s spirit will guide us through our grief. We love you all…

  6. You are such an incredible family. Mr. Stowell your way of using words and concern for everyone around me continue to amaze me. I feel so lucky to have known Ben and to continue to know all of you. Thank you for letting me share in your lives.

    Miss Hock

  7. Mr. Stowell,
    Thank you for your words. They are so comforting and thoughtful. May you, Mrs. Stowell and James always feel the love and comforting thoughts that are pouring out of Blue Creek. We love you very much and are grateful to have known Ben.

    Lisa Coons

  8. WOW! Know that I have followed you all over these years.
    It is overwhelming for me to feel so connected to all of you when all I know is J9 and your words. Yet I feel touched to my soul by the things you have put forth. The compassion to others is so far reaching on all levels of mentality. Children, adults, friends, family and strangers. I can not fathom your life, but I have gained from it immensley. Thank you. Than you all.

  9. Melanie Largeteau

    God Bless you all. I know of your story through Janine and can’t begin to imagine the loss you are feeling. You have such a way with words that touches us all. May you know Ben is in a better place and his suffering has ended. May you and your family find peace and know that God loves us all. You are truley very special people that have left a positive feeling over many. You are in our prayers.

  10. I have never meet the incredible spirit called Ben, nor have I met his any of his family save my friend, J9. I just learned of the Stowell Family’s loss and sat and cried, not for Ben but for the world’s and selfishly, mine. I never got to meet this charming soul with his great imagination and amazing spirit. I know that there are no words that can ease the pain of your loss yet, please know that I send you all of my love and strength. I also know that time will grant you more peace than you can now conceive.

  11. Tim, Stacey, James and Mocha,
    I am a better person for having had Ben in my life and in my class. He was an incredible young man who lived a lifetime in his short time on Earth. As a family you are an inspiration to all. You are the best example of love, compassion, and togetherness that I have ever seen. James, you are an amazing brother. You were always looking out for Ben. Now he will always be looking out for you. You will all be in my continued thoughts and prayers.

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