I Don’t Like Mondays

Mondays have never bothered me. When Stacey and I were self employed artists Mondays were our day off so we looked forward to them. Subsequently Mondays always felt good. Last month I noticed that I cried more on Mondays than any other day. I realized that every Monday is tinged with loss. Monday was the day Ben’s left this world and the rest of us behind. Surprisingly it isn’t the date that gets me it is the day of the week. The past week has been tough because we have watched as several of Ben’s fellow warriors have ended their battles. We have come to know these families through our children’s common enemy. The majority of the kids that we have known who were diagnosed around the same time as Ben have either passed away or have entered hospice care. We hold on to so much hope for those who are doing well. We NEED them to be NED and to not just survive, but, thrive.

I have a couple of events and dates to throw at you. On March 21st at Savannah’s in downtown Albany we will be participating in the St Baldrick’s day event. It was one of Ben’s favorites and it is a great time. Ben liked the idea of people shaving their heads in solidarity with the kids in the battle. He actually explained to me what solidarity meant. He said, “It shows that they are trying to have something in common with us. To experience a little bit of what we experience. To be like us, but, not like us. To show us they support us and care.” The event works by people asking others, “How much would you donate to fight childhood cancer if I shaved my head?” You don’t have to shave your head to donate and nobody is forced to shave their head. It is actually a really short haircut – no razors. If you would like to join our team or donate in Ben’s honor here is the link – www.stbaldricks.org/teams/GreenDrakkoman We are currently the number 1 team and a couple of other teams seem to be gaining steam so we could definitely use more team members. You can also come to the event and cheer people on.

On March 27th at 1 pm the Siena Women’s Water Polo team is playing a home game at the Siena Athetic Center pool and they are dedicating the game to Ben’s memory. They want to honor him as a member of the team. If you are in town it would be nice if you came out to support them.

On May 23rd we will be bringing a work team up to Double H to participate in the final work day to get the camp ready for the campers arrival. We will meet at Blue Creek Elementary School at 8 am to set up car pools and then head to the Ranch. We will work until 1 pm or when everything is done. After a quick lunch we will join folks from Double H in the garden. Ben’s name is being added to a bronze plague that recognizes individuals who embody the spirit of Double H Ranch. We will have a brief memorial service and then we will spread some of Ben’s ashes around the camp. If you are coming to the work day we need to know ahead of time so the number of jobs and the lunch are sized correctly. If you are coming we would also like you to check out the “Wish List” on the Double H Ranch website and bring something from it. If you can come please send me an email at greendrakkoman@hotmail.com and I will get you the sign up paper work. We are hoping to get between 50 and 100 people. The more people the easier the work will be and the quicker we will get it done. There will also be opportunities to tour the facility and talk with staff members. You will get to see why Ben loved Double H and feel its’ magic.


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