The Green Drakkoman is a super hero friend of Benjamin’s. The Green Drakkoman has many arch enemies. One of those arch enemies is the Evil Alien. It seems that the Evil Alien has found the Green Drakkoman’s friend Benjamin and is hiding in his arm. It is the Evil Alien that is making him sick. The doctors are working with the Green Drakkoman to defeat the Evil Alien. They are using a strong weapon called chemotherapy to weaken the Evil Alien so the Green Drakkoman can defeat him. After the Evil Alien is defeated by the Green Drakkoman they will remove him and use more chemotherapy to make sure the Evil Alien does not return. Benjamin is not worried because he knows that the Green Drakkoman can defeat the Evil Alien and he will be well again.


 Benjamin has been diagnosed with a type of bone cancer called Osteogenic Sarcoma. It is also called Osteosarcoma. It is located in the upper half of his right arm. His treatments are going to include 3 months of chemotherapy followed by surgery and then 3 more months of chemotherapy. During his chemotherapy he will have to be admitted into the hospital to receive it, but, during the rest of the chemotherapy he will be home. We are trying to keep his life as close to normal as possible. The story of the Green Drakkoman is one of Ben’s creations. He draws many story boards and has outlined stories, movies, games, and comics featuring the Green Drakkoman and other heroes. He has also continued the work of George Lucas and created additional chapters to the Star Wars saga.  


     On the Wednesday after labor day his mother took him to the emergency room because she noticed he had difficulty raising his right arm above his head when she was getting him into his pajamas after his bath. It was 8 pm the night before the first day of school and she wanted to make sure he was ok for school. Benjamin had fallen out of bed every night for the previous 8 nights and the doctor in the emergency room sent them home telling his mother, “It must be a strained muscle, if it doesn’t get better or gets worse make an appointment with your pediatrician on Friday.” Ben went to school and that weekend played soccer. The next Friday at 10:30 am we received a call from our pediatrician telling us that we needed to get him a MRI and they had made an appointment for us at 2 pm. It took a couple of hours and then we went to their office for the report. They had already made an appointment for us on the following Monday with an Orthopaedic Surgical Oncologist and forwarded the reports to him. The next Friday Benjamin had a biopsy and we were told the unofficial diagnosis – Second Stage Osteogenic Sarcoma – which was confirmed the following Monday. The next Friday Benjamin began chemotherapy.


3 responses to “Home

  1. The Ethier Family

    We couldn’t be happier that you are all at home in the comfort of friends and family!!! Ben, continue to get stronger–the delicious candy shoppe sundae sounds like it might help!! Thoughts and prayers–
    The Ethiers

  2. Ben sooooo glad to hear you are back in your own home. I am sure the rest of your family is also. I must say when the last web site crashed…I HAVE to admit, much to my chagrin….I was annoyed! Since I was following your progress without remembering…this isn’t a soap opera. It is a real boy, with a real brother, mother and dad. And believe me when I say annoyed it was at the website crashing, but in a funny sort of way it brought me back to reality. You are called brave, strong, and all sorts of wonderful words. But I bet you can’t wait to get back to being just Ben!

  3. I can’t get to leave a message on the other guestbook so I’ll use this site……
    Tim and Stacey, thank you for giving all of us the most awesome present ever with your news of the scan.

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